Electronic Funds Transfer/ Direct Deposit Order 

If you would like to order our membership via EFT please complete the following form after transferring payment into our account.  We will send your manual and relevant details to you the very same day.

Bank Details for Electronic Funds Transfer

National Australia Bank 
Account No. 463913156 
BSB No. 083802
Account Name: Barter's Marketing. 

By completing and submitting this form you are informing us that you have deposited $145 into our account (using the above deposit details) being for all benefits listed on previous page. If you have deposited via internet banking please provide your confirmation number below.

We Accept: (Visa, Mastercard & Bankcard) Please Phone 1800 501 662 to Make payment.  Complete The form below to provide delivery details.  Do NOT put credit card details on the form below. Thank-you Please Note: secure site coming soon.

Your Details

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