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All Fire & Garden
29-11-2006, 08:30 AM
I probably started this thread in the wrong section under Lawn Maintenance. my apologies, I'll start again here. Has anyone tried more agressive tyres on there machines and what are your results. I have had ATV tyres on my Cox for 12 months and found I am doing less damage as a result of wheel slip, especially when reversing up slopes. I recently put a set on my Z 737 JD and have found once again a marked improvement on hill ground. I have had some hair raising rides at times in the past and these tyres (26/1200X12 HD FIELD TRAC) have brough that under control. the machine is a lot safer and I'm not leaving behind slide marks. Sharp turns require a bit of care, you can dig a hole real quick if one wheel stops and pivots. Problem is I have just blown a hydro pump and John Deere are looking at the tyres for an out. The machine is 23hp, 54in cut. My argument is that if you can buy a 72in, with Cat 30 hp deisel running the same hydraulics how could could my added traction cause premature hydro failure. ( my machine has done 400hr, not even due for its FIRST hyd. oil change.)