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Alex Callaghan
29-08-2004, 02:20 PM
OK thought I might make a post regaurding second hand vehicals.

Buying a second hand vehical is full of traps for young players and when the papers are signed it's your truck and it's in your best intrest to take bloody good care of it!

So my advise is to do a full service and spend a bit of money before taking it anywhere.

1/Engine lubrication!.... Even tough the filtter is new and the oil looks fresh you don't know what breed of oil is sitting in the sump and 2nd hand dealers are pretty well know for saving a few pennys and using crap basic oil. So I'd suggest doing a full change for pice of mind cause I'm sure we all know running an engine on S#it oil for 1000km can kill a motor!

2/ When I service I try to do everything with the next service in mind. I'll alway put a nice coating of fresh oil rounf the filtter thread and screw it in till it touchs and then anouther half turn to make things easyer next time.

3/ . Coat ya sump plugs with silicon around the thread to help them seal spot on and hold in. It also make them screw out easyer next time.

4/ I always scrawl the date down on the filtter with a big black texta as a reminda. Stuff the stickers!

5/ Cheek the diff oil! When I bought the Courier the diff oil was lumpy and cloudy from being driven through water and having water sucked in throught the breather.

6/ Gearbox lube. Can be a major pain in the ass to get to the plugs depending on the vehical! But pumping a good lube into the box is a good felling. Gearbox rebuilds are exy and good lube helps with things like "cold shif baulk" (nothing worse than struggeling to get it in to 2nd when ya pulling out onto the H'way!) and that chatter some boxes getting when ideling when hot.

7/ If its a 4by I'd change the transfer case oil as well.

8/ Nipples on the shaft, Pump in a quality grease till you can see the same couler of the grese going in coming out!

9/ Flushing the radiator with a flush like the ones Nulon have and refilling with the corect mix of coolant is a bloody good idea.
It's nice to know you wont cook the motor on the next 40 degree day.

10/ Cheek the belt tensions. don't want top be splurging for new pullys and bearings cause a simple belt adjustment wasn't made!!!!

11/ Air filtter. Even if it's clean it's probaly a good idea to clean out the actual airfiltter box.

Just thought this would be good for people buying second hand?

Happy frigan servicing ya whackas :russ: