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Thread: Totally electric commercial contractor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crankitup View Post
    Weight wise it's very light (5 kg), almost toy like it's so light. An EB803 is well over double the weight before you add fuel (11.4 kg).

    I use the 4 ah 82V battery which is 2.5kg bringing the total weight to 7.5kg. An EB803 fully fueled up would be 13.4 kg so the difference is about 6 kg (equivalent to 2 full x 3L milk containers).

    Performance wise, as I said earlier in the thread the 82V 1000W backpack blower blows at 580 CFM and 234 km/h but the difference in actual operation feels even more. If they measured blowing force (Newton Metres) which some tool review shootouts do, I think the improvement would be most noticed
    The known specs are better than the latest model Stihl petrol powered handheld units (BG 56 & BG86) as well as the base model petrol powered Stihl backpack blower (BR 200). It also rivals the next petrol powered Stihl backpack model up (BR450) in that it has a higher air speed but lower CFM but it's not going to match a EB803 which has a CFM of 690 and higher airflow speed. Having said that, I used to have an old BR600 and by the time I got that heavy monster out and some earmuffs, adjusted the choke pulled the cord a few times, then lugged it on my back, I can now have almost finished blowing everything down with the 82V.
    how long will it go on full throttle??
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    According to Victa 15minutes I think this is with the 2ah battery so the 4 should give about 1/2 hour
    Anything Ian says may or may not be garbage, it may also be his own opinion or it may not be his opinion at all, it may just be something he felt like stating anyone following his advice does so at their own risk and may be doing something Ian would actually advise against.
    And if you don't like what Ian has to say use the ignore function if you don't know how ask i will gladly tell you

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    Seems less than my experience. Maybe that's full throttle and with the boost button pressed in. I find that I use full throttle about 80 percent of the time and FT with boost about 15 per cent of the time and 5 per cent of the time, less than full throttle. Then again I'm only using the blower for about 1 and a half minutes at each job in the main.

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    Quote Originally Posted by South East Mowing View Post
    Barkin up the wrong tree Freddy What husky am I lookin for
    Ooops, my bad. Never drink & post !
    I thought you were talking about power when you were talking about vibration.
    All battery powered gear has virtually no vibration at all from the motor.

    Cheers Fred.

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