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Thread: Building site prep for new turf.

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    Default Building site prep for new turf.

    Hi Guys, we have had a request from a real estate agent to quote on laying nature strip turf on three newly constructed homes that are in a row. Front and back lawns are already turfed and we did the first mow before tenants moved in but the nature strips were not done for some reason. Question is , with all the associated rubble, clay and other junk normally left in the ground after construction, would it be better to get in a bobcat to take off the top couple of inches of soil and put down some good soil or should we hire a backhoe to dig it up and hand shovel out the rubbish soil and replace with good soil.

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    Default Re: Building site prep for new turf.

    bobcat at least 4 inches and replace with turf underlay mate. happy days.
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    Default Re: Building site prep for new turf.

    If the soil is hard packed down i'd go for a backhoe,i had a car yard nature strip to do 400 meters x 2m wide.A bobcat would have struggled because the backhoe took 2 days digging it out.Do a bit of a test to see what you'll need for the job
    Never forget that job had 4 semi tippers as top soil.Took 3 guys a week to do the job (santa anna plugs).LOL

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    Default Re: Building site prep for new turf.

    I'd be getting in a small excavator to rip 5cm at the very least then topsoil and turf.

    Make sure you get it service located. I know seems like a waste of time but in more cases than not I've had and found services not were they are meant to be

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    Default Re: Building site prep for new turf.

    Sounds like allot of work just for a council nature strip.
    I'd be checking to see what the council has planned.
    After all, It is council property so maybe they would have to be informed first as well.
    The other thing is, if it's Just the nature strip, the client may not be interested in the extra costs to do it properly.
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