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Thread: What Honda SP for mulching

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    Default Re: What Honda SP for mulching

    Have you tried a spacer under the disc, maybe cut down an old bar blade and use slightly longer bolts
    Anything Ian says may or may not be garbage, it may also be his own opinion or it may not be his opinion at all, it may just be something he felt like stating anyone following his advice does so at their own risk and may be doing something Ian would actually advise against.
    And if you don't like what Ian has to say use the ignore function if you don't know how ask i will gladly tell you

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    Default Re: What Honda SP for mulching

    It needs to come down 15-18mm it already has had the deck ground back for the bar blade and i can't take anymore nexite off plus those are step down blades already fitted and i'm still 15-18mm too high on the lowest setting and the deck is dragging on the ground.I looked at fitting a Rover disc but with the clutch design it can't work.

    The twin blade system really doesn't work that great in mulching,at one stage i removed the top blade and it showed no difference in the final finish.
    Disc and 4 blades everything changes and it shows a huge difference,which i learnt using the Rover pro cut 560.
    At least i got the other HRX running the Rover disc and blades successfully

    One thing i'm going to try in running the twin blade system is sharp blades and if it shows a improvement i'll just have a second set to swap out every 2 weeks.

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