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Thread: Bin Die Weed Killer Cost

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    Quote Originally Posted by RSM-Gazza View Post
    Been buying this as per above post, Buffalo, Kikuyu Bindi & Broadleaf Selective Weed Killer (Bromoxynil & MCPA concentrate) 5Ltr container. Same as Amgrow's Bin Die. Best Price of $155 per 5Ltr (same as last year too).

    But the same supplier being in Toowooba I stumbled across tonight their ebay site again whilst not looking to buy having limited supply of 20ltr drums of the same product for $315 inc free postage. That's an equals an outstanding $79 per 5ltr.
    Whilst my spraying job are completed for 2017, I couldn't resist not to buy it. At that price for next couple of years there's gone be huge profit in spraying.
    So if one was to purchase the same qty from say Bunnings in domestic bottles the maths will horrify you.

    Plus having the Buff friendly product only in the truck, one doesn't need to be home praying they didn't have a brain fade on that big cnr block and used Kamba.
    Thanks Gary, normally get 5 ltrs also.

    Have previously just done spot spraying but now getting a larger spray unit on my ZTR as some of my larger jobs have started asking for spraying of weeds.

    Should last a few years
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    Default Re: Bin Die Weed Killer Cost

    Its been said before, 'switched on supplier, 20ltr drum has already arrived via TNT.
    Cheers Garry

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