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Thread: A honda to do this..was it worth it

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    Default A honda to do this..was it worth it

    Big job for a 21" cut,be interesting to know how much was charged

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    Default Re: A honda to do this..was it worth it

    That's nuts, no way would I catch grass that long on a vacant block. The closest I've been was one where council ordered it to be mowed and not too much mess left. I slashed it with the ride on first then ran the Honda over it on a high setting, but only the front part of the block. Took about 2.5-3 hrs and about 9 bags of grass. Interested to know what he charged too.

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    Default Re: A honda to do this..was it worth it

    I saw that a while ago, he is only new so , its not what you know, its what you don't know.

    I was going to get in touch with him and try and give him some tips cause he seems like a good bloke.

    The first tip would be drive the mower to the trailer. That was a big effort though

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    Default Re: A honda to do this..was it worth it

    I've seen this bloke around in my around in my area. New to the game. Always waves when passing. I hope he takes that job as a learning curve and to get a ride on.
    That block would be 800m2 - 1000m2 and it's a slash job the local tractor slash boys do for $70. I would've charged between 80 - 100 with my ride on taking approx 20mins.
    Generally I wont do these now as you dont know what craps hidden in the grass.
    So I'd say after mowing with the Honda, collecting grass and dumping the hourly rate wouldn't be too flash.
    And To the fella in the vid I'm not taking the p*ss on you if your'e reading this. If you see me around stop and say g day.

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    Default Re: A honda to do this..was it worth it

    I'd do it for $200 with my side throw, no way i'd catch that

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