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Thread: NBN Experiences

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    Default NBN Experiences

    Big read, but may help those who haven't changed over.

    Swapped over to NBN Small Business Plan ($80) 3.5 weeks ago, (Telstra)
    No home visit, ordered the better Gateway Max 2 and was sent wrong one being the basic Gateway. Thank gooddness for that stuff up as the local T/Business shop said your changeover is in the morning and realising the wrong modem was coming. They jump in a car and home delivered a Gateway Max 2 for free.
    So no modem charges as the Max 2 was going to be $264
    Had the Max 2 modem up and running the night prior to change over to ensure the modem worked. The NBN service change over the next morning was flawless and instant.
    Billing has since arrived and is perfect with no random unauthorised charges -amazing, just my plan billed in their usual Telstra way.

    Our very old Uniden cordless phones worked perfect with NBN modem in my home office and a double Krone Telstra socket in home office feeding NBN in on one, with the other socket taking the house phone back to the socket in the kitchen which has the Base Uniden phone, then 3 other cordless phones working of that. (The second Krone socket is in the same face plate as the NBN socket is basically acting as an extension cord to get the base Uniden back in the kitchen like it was before NBN.

    Good Guys had a special on new 4 phone cordless Uniden for $85, so got that today and updated phones as one battery needed replacement on the old.

    New phones work fine including the cordless one in the shed 30mtrs away.
    NBN speed on WiFi connection to PC's is normally at 23.6Mbps, but can drop to 15 at peak times. But I cant tell its dropped unless I do a speed test which is something I would normally not do. Just done a few of late with the NBN change over.
    Everyone I've spoke to re NBN change over have had a stuff up. So I waited till August whilst the Business was quite to engage NBN.
    My stuff up being the wrong delivered Gateway worked my way and saved me $264.

    I would recommend to drop the ever so annoying Telstra Air,
    The Gateway Porting in the settings on the Max 2 is so so different to Netgear that I cant get my Hikivision ISP CCTV back up on the iphones/ipads. Hikivision menu all setup Ok with new IPv4 address but stumpped on the format of Max 2 Porting page.
    But will get that fixed when I put a Network adaptor into our Paradox Alarm system to app it on the iPhone/ipads.
    The better Gateway has improved rear of unit connectivity and stronger wifi, along with two external phone line sockets using one line, so you can have the second line on the back of the Gateway running a dial out alarm, system or fax machine. With no additional line charges.
    Alarm system is better to sim card adaptor it or Phone Network app. Also alarm system is still directly wired to the plastic outside of house Telstra wall box and not affecting NBN or house phones, so it can stay that way although not dialling out the alarm anymore.
    We also find the Ipads we use in bed prior to sleeping don't lock up anymore on downloads and download faster with no buffer now.
    AFL on the iPad plays better without buffer delay in the steel Shed now with roller door up. Used to hate it when Dusty and Cotchin were doing their delivery magic to Jack and the screen froze.
    Cheers Garry

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    Default Re: NBN Experiences

    We did have to get our previous 3 Telstra bills sorted re a change of owner ship as we had a mix of residential and business, which took a week. Then the actual NBN papers got done at T/Business Shop. They also identified the need of change of ownership of the all accounts to business formats on the first visit into their shop. Change of owner is from to me to me but all in a business account format.
    As the NBN plan has house phone and internet in the one plan. Even though the house phone is only for the older pensioners customers to call me early evening if they need me or leave a message during the day.
    As they don't like calling mobiles due to their pensioner budget mobile plans.
    With unlimited Mobile plans who really needs a house phone.
    Cheers Garry

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    Default Re: NBN Experiences

    you've been lucky! - the NBN has been a major f/up around this area, Currarong is due to get it next year......

    "All sin is washed away in the Holy goodness of Beer"
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    Default Re: NBN Experiences

    Not in my area yet so can't say either way.

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