Hi all!
Firstly, great site! I've trawled all over the site and bouncing from here to there. Anyway, just one to say hi and let all know that I've started up a couple of months ago and things are...up and down. Getting there though, but hey, if anyone from the Northwest area of Brisbane want's to catch up and share hints and tips I'm all in. And if I can help, let me know!
I'm running a mix of Victa rotary mowers (Bunnings Specials) and electric (Victa) mostly the whippy, blower and hedger no dramas yet..apart fom getting more work.
Been putting out flyers...that's hit & miss but I'll continue , web site, FB page and local buy swap sell...but still slow. Just got a banner so trying to work out where to place that sucker.
But I must say, I'm enjoying it different from what I was doing but if I can get five to six jobs a day, then I'd be happy to just go from there and build slowly. But hey, three months in and slowly getting the word out there.
Cheers all, and please stay safe!