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Thread: What do you do

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    Default What do you do

    Had this happen a few times where the customers says
    "Lawns have been cut so there's no need for you to cut it next week"
    Usually the edges aren't done,just wondering how you guys deal with these situations.
    The way i feel about it is get another contractor

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    Default Re: What do you do

    I've had it happen, same scenario. I suggest it needs cutting earlier I'm happy to cut it fortnightly. Answer was no stick to three weeks. I then find out the edges are not done and tell them that it's going to take extra time next cut the edges and that with be extra dollars. Situation didn't happen again with that client.

    Another client cut most of their lawn, didn't do the edges or cut the footpath 2days before due. I cut it anyway. Put a note on the invoice expaining had to go over the lawn again to tidy up after the edging.

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