hi everyone just wondering if anyone knows much about this kwikkerb egdeing business i've got the bloke sending me some info i was just toying with the idea of maybe joining this to my business i think they would go good together but the lay out fee wait for it!! $80.000 thats right $80k the bloke told me what you get and i think its a bit rich think he's makeing $70k profit
you get

* trailer with enclosed lockable box big enough for all tools
* cement mixer
* egde prep machine
* cement egde machine
* trowels
* shovels
* rakes
the list goes on all with one weeks training what a load of s#@t
the to machines and the trowles that go with the machine would be
under $2000.00 at least thats my guess does anybody know of anyone who does this or what the machines cost would loved to know the bloke also said you can make up to $1500.00 to $2500.00 a day at $25.00 to $35.00 a meter thats not including prep work and then minus out ya cost for materials sand and stone and cement this is only if ya get the work to me i think its a bit rich but i'll wait for all the info he said its not a franchise because when you purcase the equipment its yours you dont pay frachise fees there must be a but at the end .

p.s let us know if anyone has herd of this