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Thread: concrete egdeing

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    Default Re: concrete egdeing

    the power of marketing and the stupidity of some people is amazing
    Anything Ian says may or may not be garbage, it may also be his own opinion or it may not be his opinion at all, it may just be something he felt like stating anyone following his advice does so at their own risk and may be doing something Ian would actually advise against.
    And if you don't like what Ian has to say use the ignore function if you don't know how ask i will gladly tell you

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    Yes Ian you are 100% correct but it always takes someone in management of these company's like Kwik Kerb to make a decision to set up the 'Opportunity' and make it look attractive to the inexperienced
    makes me sick that so many people get 'sold' on these bad value for money and low success rate business opportunities
    I wonder just how many of these kwik kerb buyers end up loosing money - a lot of money
    I see Used Kwik Kerb units advertised for under $10,000!
    When I talked to them it was all pressure selling

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    Default Re: concrete egdeing

    My Dad had the very first concrete-edging business here back in the early 80s. He owned his business outright after spending a couple of grand buying the machine and various edge-moulds.

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