Harder to manage in Kikuyu requiring specialist herbicide and small window within the season to apply

I’ve ordered Anderson’s Pendi Pro 20kg at great expense with freight (not Adelaide Supplier). Never used it before. But should have it in a week and apply it immediately before the seeds laying dormant germinate. Plus a second application before seeds germinate. 1,300 Sqm block, not all is lawn

Anyone used it and can report on it. It does knock out some other weeds whilst it’s a fertiliser as well for the kikuyu. Going to try on my own property this time before using or recommending to customers the following year. I do a lot client of sept/oct broadleaf spraying so maybe adding this to my offering with this product, maybe not too.
Buff lawns are easier to manage but Kikuyu is another story being raised here.

Last spring I hand pulled nearly all the Winter Weeds in the rear lawn until my thumbs/fingers were sore over many weeks at random times. But didn’t touch the front & 2 nature strips.

(Adelaide supplier wants $78 for freight, plus $14 dearer on the product too.)