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Thread: Hoping 12 Nov 2019 is all Good News

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    Default Hoping 12 Nov 2019 is all Good News

    We hope tomorrow turns out the best it can for those in the worst declared fire areas along the East Coast.

    Spent yesterday arvo/evening and today arvo/evening clearing what i could on my property that is on the semi rural edge of town.
    Have farm fence for the rear and lifestyle blocks behind us.
    Most of that time was spent Husky Battery whipping the ex unoccupied now farm block diagonal adjoining my rear which is in the wind path we get. Whipped as much as I could in a large arc shape as no 100 sheep there this year. (Too dangerous to use petrol Husky).

    Jan 8th 1969
    I experienced a wall of flames heading for dad/me as an 10 yr old on Black Saturday associated with Lara Grass Fires Vic. My father chucking me in the car (Ford XM 1964 Falcon) doing a wheelie to get us out of there.
    I'll never forget the approaching visuals and fear of that day.

    it was only 3+4 yrs ago where I am now, we were under threat and we shifted our caravan and boat to two of my customers houses. People were moving horses as well.
    Also 16yr ago just after building our place we were under Amber attack at 2.00am with the ABC telling us not to go to go to bed until Ok'D too.

    The behind paddock mentioned was so dry, with grass just like oven dried hay and 2ft tall. The paddock was very roughly tractor mowed back in late Sept.

    Hoping for the best tomorrow for the NSW and Qld and the season ahead.

    Yep, heavily insured.
    Cheers Garry

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    Default Re: Hoping 12 Nov 2019 is all Good News

    Our mentioned hillside on fire a few yrs ago which was getting too close for comfort. A wind change saved us at 9.50pm that night. Although the boys on the hill had radioed to base to get us residents out. But Control knew the strong cool change was very near.

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    Not my photos, taken by a professional
    Cheers Garry

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