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Thread: Transaxle Integrated Hydrostatic Transmision

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    Default Transaxle Integrated Hydrostatic Transmision

    I've put the topic post up and will post some info on it tomorrow night (11.00pm now) as have a mother of a job tomorrow on a rural farm property all day amongst "Louie the Fly" and all his million mates.

    I have had the "Joyful" experience of replacing one this week.
    Cheers Garry

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    Default Re: Transaxle Integrated Hydrostatic Transmision

    Sorry Big Read- grab a Beer,

    As mentioned it failed at 475 hrs, had not enough forward momentum to push in thick Kikuyu grass and no reverse.
    It happened across a 10 minute time frame.
    I look after my gear and always blow out all the mowers daily and Rideon after use and some times in use if the spindles have heavy grass build up in them.
    I air gun the rideon nooks and crannies with a long nozzle air gun and keep the Transmission fan area clean.
    Anyhow, had the front motor clutch pulley replaced and rear pulley above transmision, new belt, a few idlers and pulleys replaced initially - bugger not the issue.

    Google gave hope that by dropping the rear axle & Transmission unit, tip upside down and drain oil and replace with 10 - 50, 15 -50 or 20-50 fully synthetic oil, i would be back in business - Nope again.
    But the oil was Black ass absolutely stuffed.
    Remember Husky don't spec the supplier to have a drain plug as their sealed for life. WELL LIFE IS WHEN IT STUFFS UP.

    At fair cost and also due to the other search n seek initial jobs done i now have a new transmission.
    The Transaxle brand on mine has no Heat Fins to speak off. just the top fan and I'm in inland and have a brutal summer and work in 35 - 40 to 42deg everyday heat, today was a mild 34 today.
    So things are getting hot as they get designed in countries that don't have our heat across everyday in summer.

    Moving forward, l'll be more careful how steep I take the ride on into, ie one job today I would have taken the rideon up a very steep hard to walk up drive. No not now that small part of the job will get done by the 560 Mulchmaster.
    Also l will exercise more care reversing out out of ditches etc, maybe whipper snip a little more in those places.
    I not talking about being timid in use, but we all know those places we abuse the rideon when we are running late or in a hurry.

    One of my jobs on a large level block is a historic little active church and I let it get high and work the deck and drive hard to get through the stuff. Group of ladies run the place whom I know and I push out some mows a little too long. That will change in the growth times and I'll be there a week earlier to save the hard work on the drive tranmission causing it to heat up beyond spec.

    Ill be paying the workshop 1.5- 2hr labour plus 2.5 quarts of oil at 200hrs now to remove the axle/transmission tip upside down, drain, refill and install.

    I know a fellow lawny who has a 42inch same brand and mentioned the story to him. He says he will get the workshop to do a 200hr oil change now.
    One can do the task themselves and its not too hard, but it would take me a day to drop it and another to re fit. Better to pay the workshop IMO as drop off in the morning - pick up same day.
    The other thing, Ill be removing the plastic inspection cover under the seat more and blasting the BR700 in there to clean onsite.

    Yep it happened at 475 hrs maybe thats good hrs to get??, I'll probably only get another 300hrs on the unit before I retire. As I only us the rideon for certain large jobs, not everyday mowing as you can tell by the hr count.

    In the workshop I saw other rideons with absolute grass, mud and caked on over transmissions.

    Hope this helps any operator to have respect for the transmission drive as we generally respect the deck drive system more at times.

    Edit, my local dealer seriously reduced the price of the transmission and install for me. Bloody good dealer who gives good instant service and rideon put on hoist in front of me upon dropping it off with a call to say I'm coming in.
    Cheers Garry

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