There could be a some limited work filtering through from pool owners to comply with the new inspections.
I paid the 1st step today being registration with Local Council and search fees, even though I handed in copies of the Pool Building Approval and Final Inspection Approval.

I've got some work to do on mine re new compliance regulations to do with the 1.2mtr radial arc from the top of pool fences. As I've got some tropical plantings within the hillside resort style set up we have.

Started on it today, but i would say there maybe some calls for assistance once people start getting their head around the urgency of the matter
As if you fail the first inspection, apart from the fees to get to that point, there is an additional fee of $385 for non compliance. Plus a $1652 if you fail to do anything, ie register and follow the processes.

As people may leave it till after Christmas and then Jan is holidays and bingo in February it's the better get it right thought.
I'm trying to get what I think is compliant manly re soft plants and surround speakers to move back a little, so I can book in the inspection before the mad rush after January and that's already started according to council today.