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Thread: Got a neighbor complaint

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    Default Got a neighbor complaint

    New customer 3rd visit to property,job entails mow front,back edge and blow.I’m edging and customer comes up and says got to go here’s your payment see you next time.

    I edge and now blowing off front driveway before mowing and neighbor comes around and says
    “I don’t like the way you cut the lawns without a catcher and I get lawn clippings under the carport”.Then tells me “this section between driveway and boundary I’ll cut it myself”.
    The areas about 2x10m.

    So I left not cutting it and I’m sure the customers knows nothing about what his neighbor is up to and that neighbor came across a bit wacko attitude.
    I drove past a few hours later and it was cut,first time for everything and I’m sure this will blow up during the next few visits.

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    Default Re: Got a neighbor complaint

    I remember years ago cutting a lawn on a corner block I usually parked about 30m from the neighbours driveway anyway one day I'm about to leave and the neighbour comes up to me and starts having a go because I haven't blown off her driveway so I apologise and go down to her driveway ( note the road all the way to her place didn't need blowing ) so we get to her drive with complaints about how unprofessional I am because apparently this isn't the 1st time I haven't blown it off anyway we get there and there was maybe 1/2 a handful at most of grass spread over the whole driveway length so I apologised and blew it of and promised her I would make sure it never happened again anyway about 8 weeks later her husband comes up to me and says you know the last guy used to mow all the way to our driveway as it's only about a metre extra so I explained to him that I was the last guy and that I stopped doing it as his wife had complained and by not doing it I could make sure I didn't accidentally get any grass on his driveway and the fact that it was overgrown and the only grass on his property was not my problem
    Anything Ian says may or may not be garbage, it may also be his own opinion or it may not be his opinion at all, it may just be something he felt like stating anyone following his advice does so at their own risk and may be doing something Ian would actually advise against.
    And if you don't like what Ian has to say use the ignore function if you don't know how ask i will gladly tell you

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    Default Re: Got a neighbor complaint

    I had a similar one to Ian. A strip of lawn about 2 Lawn mower width wide, half from my client half from the neighbour, I just mowed the full section as it looked better for my client. Anyhow the neighbour complains a couple of times that she didnt like how I edged her side of it. So I just started mowing my side, she then comes out and complains that I wasnt mowing it as she didnt have a mower. I just said $40 and I will mow it each visit, she asked why so much as I was doing it before (for free) and it only took a couple of minutes, I just replied thats the ''ungrateful neighbour fee'' and walked off. she never spoke to me again, not sure why.

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