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Thread: weeds in Mondo grass

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    Default weeds in Mondo grass

    I read somewhere, but can't find it now, that you can spray for weeds and grass in Mondo grass using Glyphosate and it wont kill the Mondo. Does anyone know if this is true, I would have thought Glypho wouldn't be that selective, and I dont want to kill the Mondo.

    Any idea's, or any other product that can be used.

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    Default Re: weeds in Mondo grass

    Mondo grass is not a grass but a member of the Lilly family I always say to test a small area 1st and make sure it's only Glyphosate with nothing else added including no extra surfactant/detergent,I have been spraying mine for years also works for Agapanthus and a few others things which I can't remember at the moment. I also only mix it at about 10ml/L using Glypho 360
    Anything Ian says may or may not be garbage, it may also be his own opinion or it may not be his opinion at all, it may just be something he felt like stating anyone following his advice does so at their own risk and may be doing something Ian would actually advise against.
    And if you don't like what Ian has to say use the ignore function if you don't know how ask i will gladly tell you

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