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Thread: which brushcutter trimmer line ?

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    Default Re: which brushcutter line ?

    Quote Originally Posted by happymowin View Post
    have you tried putting a shidy speed feed on that stihl?

    i found the stihl bump and auto feeds to be ****e.

    the bump feed fills with dirt all the time, and wont bump on soft ground, have to find a fence post or rock to bump it on.

    the auto feed feeds line when you DONT WANT it, and doesnt feedf when you DO want it, leading to breaking the line.

    i was so happy once i swapped to shindy type heads.

    they work EVERY time, and as long as you dont take the line cutter off the snipper, so you dont get too much line out, they work brilliant.

    have probably worn through 10 heads for the t230, and 3 for the fs130.

    Yes, you are absolutely right. In my opinion if you aren't using a speed feed you are wasting your time and money. I drill the spool hole out so I can put 2.7 to 3mm line in. I won't use anything else any more.
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    Default Re: which brushcutter trimmer line ?

    Quote Originally Posted by HPM View Post
    Thanks that the alloy heads from the indy store. How do they work are they a manual feed out or do you tap it or does it come out on its own when the line gets too short?? Ive only used the sure tap plastic heads cause u can buy replacement parts individually and they work great with the trailblazer line.
    Yeah I think indy have both genuine tanaka ones and bynorm ones? (mine came from local store) You have to manually feed them which can be a pita if you're cleaning up a rock wall and destroying the line quickly but you don't really think about it once you get into the habit of it. And I worked out the trick so you the chord never welds together, each time you unwind the chord a slot unwind it around 180 so it's loose ready for next unwind.

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    Default Re: which brushcutter trimmer line ?

    Yep I agree. Speed feed heads are brilliant

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    Default Re: which brushcutter trimmer line ?

    alloy vs plastic? no brainer

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