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Hi Mate, Yep in every single way, I got rid of the toro and bought the Cub cadet,
The toro is a good machine and I kinda buggered up with it, I got the dealer to install the mulch kit when I bought it and they didn't give me back all the brackets and stuff they took off.So now I cant side throw with it, and with the mulch kit your kinda stuck only mulching lawns and anything over 2ft it strucggles, I wished I never put the mulch kit on. so this is why I got rid of it.. but over all great machine but comparing to the bobcat the toro was very slow
And the other massive decider was dealer help. I had nothing but issues with the toro dealer in Sydney took 4 weeks to get a set of blades in, they ordered the wrong ones and when they figured it out the blades I needed were on the shelf...and when I had issues with it, I had to push them for warranty I had to fight for it...only got it because I found out they had an issue in the U.S that they had a fix for..overall great machine but dealer support is crap
I did the opposite! I've got the 40" grandstand in side discharge and operator controlled discharge chute, and ended up removing the internal baffles so it is excellent in long wet grass.

Now I'm possibly taking on a huge fortnightly mowing job with many tight areas where I think using a mulch kit is the way to go.

How is the finish with the mulch kit installed?
I'm wondering if I should buy the complete mulch kit which includes blades, internal baffles and slide discharge cover plate....

Or if I just install the side discharge cover plate and mulching blades, will it do an ok job?

Is this your old one? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?m...2F113758560283