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Thread: Anything useful from EBAY?

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    "All sin is washed away in the Holy goodness of Beer"
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    Hi I have a Stihl Combi system for sale on Ebay located in the Ballarat area.

    KM-90 head
    BG-KM Blower
    HL-KM 135 hedge trimmer
    FS-KM Brush cutter

    Its all in very good condition with no more than 24hrs use. If your interested I can sell out of ebay just give me a call

    Andrew 0419823376

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    I just bought and installed and E bay chinese Carby on my Stihl BR 600 it cost me $45 bucks with a full service kit...
    it fixed my crappy idling issues and works great
    B.L.T.H Brake late,turn hard

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    anyone in Vic interested in a self propelled slasher I just saw this discription says 1200 wide x2200 long
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