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    Summer is coming.
    I don't know how many of you out there have a cooling vest, I purchased one last summer and it was the best investment for keeping cool, come winter I put it in the cupboard and forgot about it

    Well today was warm in Melbourne (for you interstates yes it does get warm ) So the vest was dusted off put in a tub of cold water, for about 5 min to recharge it, said by to the wife and of to work. It was allready warm by the time I got to the first job so on goes the vest, when you first put it on it takes a Little time to adjust to it, but you get the benefits of it very quickly and it will stay moist all day. But I like to run the hose on it at lunchtime and leave it off until I go back to work it is amazing how the energy level stays with you all day even when the day is finish you feel like doing more
    I am not going to try to explain how it works or Why it works because I don't know BUT IT DOES WORK
    On A really hot day I put it in the fridge at lunch time.

    Go to and click on Deans specials
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