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Independent Lawn Mowing Contractors of Australia
  HO: (03) 5628 1052

Independent Lawn Mowing Contractors of Australia Join The Independents

One off lifetime low joining fee of $145.00, with no annual fees. All associations have yearly fees, we d'ont. We are the first Australia wide Lawn Mowing Contractors Association, the first to introduce:

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Business/Rounds 4 Sale

We are also the first to have no affiliations with other associations, the first to have no increases in Insurance Premiums for the past 10 years, Why did this happen?

Because the people that joined us in the past have made it possible for those who join in the future.


Lets just quickly run over what your membership will entitle you to.  For more details please browse our site.Please don't hesitate to contact Dean on Free Call 1800 501 662 if you have any questions or email:


  • Training (Manual)

    Full Consultation and Support

    Member Discounts (Including Insurance & Spare parts)

    Back Up System/Sick Work where available

    Optional Access to Advertising and Call Centre

    Access to Equipment Package Deals
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  • And Much More
We Accept: (Visa, Mastercard & Bankcard) Please Phone 1800 501 662 to Make payment.  Complete The Direct Deposit Form to provide delivery details.  Do NOT put credit card details on the form below. Thank-you.

Payment Methods

Option 1: Click below for payment by cheque or money order!

Option 2 Click below for payment by direct deposit.

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  * Mower Wheels


Independent Lawn Mowing Contractors Of Australia Ph: 1800 501 662 or 0425 711 003

A Unique Lawn Mowing Contractors Association, not to be confused with a "non-profit" association.
Servicing Victoria, Western Australia, NSW, Qld & South Australia.
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