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Independent Lawn Mowing Contractors of Australia
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  Network Intro

Introduction to the Network

We are VERY unique in that we have a once payment for Lifetime Membership to our Network.  The benefit's of this network are many as we will do everything in our power to help fellow contractors succeed and keep succeeding in their business. 


The first step in starting your own lawn mowing business or even getting help to succeed in this industry is training.  While most people have

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mowed a lawn before, performing this task as a service is A LOT different.  We will teach you virtually everything there is to know about this industry and how to succeed.  We believe there is no better training then that which is contained within our training manual.  For more information on the training provided please visit our Training section within this website.

Full Consultation and Support

As part of your membership you will receive full consultation through the life of your business.  If you ever have a problem or need a question answered we are never more then a phone call away.  We will happily recommend people for buying machinery to business cards.  As you can probably imagine we do have a large network of contractors from all walks of life and we can pretty much find out anything, and we will to!  We do not limit your consultation to lawn mowing alone, we are here to help and that is what we do!

Member Discounts

A once off fee gives you lifetime membership with discounts which we envisage will keep on getting lower.  The more members we get the better the discounts.  We have just negotiated a great new price for insurance, which could save you up to or beyond $150 a year, that first years saving will pay for your membership with some left over and from then on it's all savings!  We are also negotiating discounts on spare parts etc.  As you will see through this website the discounts don't stop there, we can also save you thousands per year on advertising and we organise it all!  For more our new CHEAP AS CHIPS advertising offer please click on the Special Deals link.

Back Up System/Sick Work

While we can teach you to succeed and give you all the guidance in the world without a back up system in place if you get sick, injured or just want to take a well earned holiday your business is at risk!  Lifetime membership to this network offers you everything you need to keep your business running even when you are unable to work.  As you should see through this site, our goal is to bring together the independents in a manner that is second to none.  The idea is to help each other and have all involved benefit.

The most important factor when you are ill or unable to work is that your business is taken care of so when you come back to work your customers and your business is still there.

For more information on the back up system offered please phone Dean on 1800 501 662.

Advertising and Call Centre

Now this is a winner and you can only use our Call Centre and national advertising if you are a member of this Network.  For more information please visit our Supplied Work section in this site and for the special advertising discounts visit our Special Deals Page, we know you'll be impressed :)

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