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Getting Work - Independent's Call Centre and Advertising Australia Wide

The advertising and call centre offered through our Network is optional, however, we suggest that you take this valuable service into consideration when starting your lawn mowing business. As you will learn from your training your business will not only involve mowing lawns, but in order for your business to be successful you will need powerful advertising in the right places, a reliable and efficient phone system as well as great service and reliability.

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The main advantages of our Network system are explained below:

Let us begin with the advertising . We have spent a lot of money and time comprising a winning advertising campaign that has  proven to be extremely successful Australia wide. We have tested many other advertisements up against our current advertising and no response rate has even come close to that which we use through our network. Not only is it unique and powerful but also copyright prohibits anyone else using it. In most areas we can give you more advertising for less money then you will ever get as an independent. Due to the amount of advertising we currently hold Australia wide, we get discounts in most areas and we inturn pass these discounts onto you, the contractor.

Now that we have the right advertising to get you a response rate that is usually around 45% more then that of other advertisements, we need to address the incoming inquiries from this advertising. Every contractor today has the same problem, whether they are starting off or already running their own business. While you may have the best advertising in Australia, you need to be home to take the incoming calls from your perspective customers. They won't ring a mobile number; I mean why would they when they have the option of ringing a local or free call number. You may consider diverting your home number to your mobile, but not only can this prove to be extremely expensive but it is also impractical to be answering potential sales calls while you are working. You can ask any of the girls at our office how unpleasant contractors can be when they are interrupted on the job.

When a potential client picks up the phone in search of a contractor they expect or want an immediate solution . If their call isn't answered they will continue to call other contractor's in order to resolve their problem, even if it is only to book a quote. The call centre offered through our network is an invaluable asset to any lawn-mowing contractor. Our friendly professional staff, on call 24 hours, 7 days a week for all your customers. Your customer's questions are answered here at our office, and if they are genuine about getting a quote then their details are taken and they can relax with the knowledge that their inquiries have been answered and a contractor will give them a quote.

Remember that through our network you will receive full support. We will be here to answer your call, whether it be for assistance with quoting, on the job questions, or if you just need to have a chat with someone who has ‘been there, done that'.  If for any reason you get stuck and cannot service your customers (e.g. due to illness or injury) we can usually find someone to service your customers through the network. As the network works through each person helping one another, most members do not mind lending a hand (they may also need to use this service).

Note for flyers etc. If you wish to use our 1800 number on your flyers, we do not have a problem with this. Many people have asked our permission to do so, and it has increased their response rate. Not only does it offer the customer a free call number that is manned virtually 24 hours 7 days a week but it also gives you credibility.

Charges Relating to the Call Centre and Network

The charges are simple and there are no hidden costs or royalties through this network. You pay for the advertising, which in most cases is considerably less then you would pay as an independent. We charge you what we get charged, and are not looking to make money off the advertising fees.  In fact, for Victorian and Western Australian Contractors we have the ultimate deal that can save you thousands per year on advertising, for more information please click on the Special Deals link.

The only other charge is for the leads we pass over to you, and that is a once off fee of $6. No matter what size the job, how many jobs you get as a result of this lead or if you don't win the quote, you are only charged $6 and that's it. No charges per cut or commissions, no royalties. Please Contact us if you have any queries in regard to charges or the network in general!

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