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We are not trying to sell you the network with these testimonials, we believe the network sells itself.  However, we would like to share with you what others are saying about the network, good or bad!  The testimonials to follow were written by people who are using our network, and are real accounts, if they weren't we wouldn't use them.  Click on the following links to read the testimonials, or just scroll down the page to read.  We never really wanted to have testimonials as it is so easy to make them up or set people up, but you wanted them, so we will share with you what others have written to or about us.

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Stuart McLean

Ray Burridge

Rob V


Trevor Smart


Kim and Ken Boyle

Franz Keilblock

Adam Borge

Andrew Barclay

Daniel Morehead

Sam Guzzardi

Wayne Worsley

Steven Kelly

Stuart D'Archy

Craig Scott

Stuart McLean Has a great sense of humour, so don't take the BMW bit seriously :)

Message left on our guest book before Stuart signed up

Just about to leave a full time job working for a global company to venture into my own lawn care business. It's weird that I found this site, because I was looking for a sign that would tell me if I was doing the right thing - I think I found it.

Then he joined of course and used our call centre and national advertising campaign.

Hi Dean and Ebony - just a message to say thanks for your help with the business. We are getting bigger every week, and without your help and your manual, we would be practically stuffed. It is good to see people actually giving others a helping hand and only charging a realistic fee. Your help has been most valuable. Now, off to buy that BMW.

And Again

Thanks for the contacts so far, we have got all of them except for Natalie (a little strange), but all the others bar one have gone on to being a regular customer.

We are busier than we thought we would be at this stage, with your leads, and we have won over a Ray White Real Estate and they are now going to use us as their mowing guys. The other guy was not satisfying them, which is good for us. As you said, there are a lot of cowboys out there, and we seem to have beaten many of them so far. The Mike Saunders job you gave us rang four other guys before our ad, and none of them answered back his messages.

So just writing to say thanks heaps for your support so far, and hopefully we will be growing every day.

Thanks again,

Ray Burridge

Hi Dean,
Received your book & am pleased to say that it was very informative. I now have all my equipment (Reel & Rotary Mowers, Edger, Brush Cutter & Blower etc) & am ready to start mowing.

Rob V

A Message from way back, when Rob first Started with us

I've been going for 2 months now and i must say its been great.  I have approx 40 customers now and summer is looking great for us, thnx again to DEAN and EBONY for there support and help with this venture :)

Getting up to date: Below is a comment written 3/7/02

I have been involved with Dean and Ebony for some time now in the lawn service industry. I first contacted Dean about starting a lawn service business a few yrs ago ,at the time I was looking at the big franchise's ( vip/jims etc) but the cost involved was not worth it in hindsight I am glad dean and ebony advised me not to go ahead with this.  They have been very helpful friendly and supportive in starting  with the independent group which I believe dean and ebony have done a tremendous job in managing. I must say that I only do this on a part time basis as I currently work at Qantas so obtaining leads from Dean and Ebony has helped
me grow a solid and profitable small business, I say well done to the independent group they definitely get my seal of approval.


You run a great service.

That book really helped with what I need to know.  I can honestly say that i would have been one if those people who saved for a franchise!  Now I know better.  It's helped me step back, and not go in like a bull at a gate!!

Trevor Smart

I have been mowing lawns on a part time basis for about five months.  My customer database of 30 cuts was achieved in less than 4 months which was what Dean had told me to expect. I did have reservations about Independent lawn Mowing at first because it sounded just too cheap but any fears have since left me after working with Dean and Ebony who are very professional in everything they do from advertising to customer relations. I would have no hesitation in recommending these people over and above any other organisation on offer in this field.

Regards Trevor Smart 


Dean & Ebony have helped me start from scratch to build my lawn mowing business. I have far exceeded my initial expectations of how well I'd be doing after 6 weeks. I'm now on the way to building a solid business. I was ready to join a well known franchise and I'm glad I saw Dean's advert just in time - saved myself about $15000 or so! Speak to Dean before you start up - you'll be glad you did!
Email: alan_300@hotmail.com

Kim Hardy and Ken Boyle 

We have only been involved with the network for a short time. After recently loosing our job, we decided we would try something new. We looked into buying a franchise but was scared off by the high costs of establishment and the ongoing costs for administration.

We purchased the mowing book, received advise from Dean on purchasing equipment, registered with them for marketing and we were off. It is only our second week of advertising with the network, and I must say, we are more than pleased with the way it is heading...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Just visited your website and decided our comment was a bit outdated so here is a 2nd part you can add if you wish

Kim & Ken Boyle - May, 2002
We were part of the advertising network for a period of 8 months - during this time we received over 130 leads from Barters Advertising.  Of those leads, 34 customers became regular i.e.. fortnightly/three weekly visits  and approx 50 or so have been adhoc customers.  The results from the advertising exceeded all our expectations - many thanks to Dean & Ebony for their assistance.

Franz Keilblock

I was involved with Dean Bartorelli's system for all of two years and found it very good for self esteem and work culture.  To Dean's credit he always tries to keep the work up to his contractors and if you have any work problems he sits down and helps you work through them. If not for a big contract that I picked up I would still be in the system. I have no hesitation in recommending the system to anybody who would like to know.  All the very best in the future Dean.                     Franz Kielblock

Adam Borge

My name is Adam. I have been associated with Dean & Ebony of Barters Marketing since March 1999.

Before meeting Dean I was building my own round whilst working shift work for a packing company. Within a few months I was able to concentrate solely on my lawn mowing business as Dean (Barters Marketing) supplied me with numerous customer leads.

The way the system works is that Barters handles all the advertising on your behalf, and then supplies you with the leads for a small one off commission. This allows me to concentrate on servicing the leads and building my customer base with minimal fuss. The network also provides continual support on anything to do with the business, i.e. advice on mowing / quoting / equipment / networking with other contractor etc.

In the 3 years since being associated with Dean, my business has flourished. I have over 60 regular clients and have made good money as well from one off jobs provided by Barters.   I therefore feel 100% satisfied with the system and couldn't recommend it more highly to anybody considering starting up their own business who does not want to spend nearly $20,000 to buy a franchise system.

Andrew Barclay

I have found Dean & Ebony very obliging offering what seems to be a well organised system that works. As yet I haven't been in a position to fully utilize it but I have now completely committed myself to them as a new member for the next 3 months and I hope they ask me to express to you once again how I find their service then.

Regards Andrew Barclay

Andrew Barclay - 2nd letter

I originally got involved with I.L.M.C.O.A. about 6 months ago. After looking at the main successful franchises out there, this one seemed simpler, cheaper and dealing more one on one which appealed to me. I decided to send away the cheque covering a 3 month block.

The work came in and Ebony and Dean were always there to offer any advice or help that I needed. It wasn't long before I had regular clients from a range of suburbs. These days, I'm trying to become more localised to my immediate area where I'm based. I am happy with Independent Lawn Mowing, as it is a system that works for me.

Thanks guys, Andrew

Daniel Morehead

Just letting you know what I think about your system. So far I think that it is working very well. I like the way that the invoices for the leads are set out, with all the phone names, address and phone numbers of the clients is listed.

I have had a lot of comments about how nice the office staff are over the phone and the prompt service in returning their calls. One lady that is now a regular customer of mine said that she had rang five other numbers and we were the only ones to get back to her in the same day! Even Jim's Mowing did not bother to ring her back.  Thankyou

Sam Guzzardi 

To Dean, I would like to thank you and Ebony for your help and to compliment you on your service.  I have been extremely satisfied with the work you have provided to me in the past and am looking forward to future dealings.  Keep up the great work!

Wayne Worsley Once again a man with a sense of humour, we seem to have a lot of contractors like that :)

First comments

Have been with Barters marketing for since the end of feb 2000 wish i had been with him sooner, they have been a great help to my lawn mowing business which at the time was going down hill at a fast rate. With there help i was able to turn the business around and now starting to see the light and money. This idea is great and your way to an incredible life style change and your doing something you love doing. Tell the boss he can stick his job the stress is not worth the money he's paying.
Thanks Barters marketing Team

And again

Have been very happy since joining the team at Barters Marketing What a concept to get a kick start and on the road to having and owing your own lawn mowing and gardening business. What's more no more pig headed management to deal with... see you a lawn mowing round soon. PS: have not been paid to write this. (Dean you can pay me later}, thanks for your help, its great working with you.)

Steven Kelly 

I purchased your manual a few months ago. I am finding a need for a call centre as some callers are not leaving messages on my answering machine.
Could you provide details and costs regarding your call centre as a stand-alone service, if available in this way, and in conjunction with local advertising (a Cumberland Newspaper would be the local newspaper within which to advertise).

Stuart D'Archy 

Opened the web site, then rang Dean, without buying the book; we spoke for 20 min. about the business. Dean was extremely helpful and informative, so much so I am ordering the book today. Hopefully I can kick off real soon. Got to say the excitement in Deans voice about this industry even after being in it for 20 years was really encouraging.

Craig Scott - This is an old comment, but none the less true.

I've been with the program since July 99'. I hit the 100 hundred reg clients in Jan 2000. The add works great and it's good to know that first time clients are getting instant responses-much better than talking to an answering machine. The only thing failing at the moment is Dean's rain dance. But keep dancing Dean 'cause it's *#@$ing dry out here!!!!

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