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Independent Lawn Mowing Contractors of Australia
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  Who Are We?

Who are the Independent lawn Mowing Contractors Of Australia ?

This Business was established 13 Jan 1999. In the past 10 years we have helped over 3500 people start their own lawn mowing business and what a start they've had! Some achieving client bases of 80 customers within 5 months and that's not including one off jobs.

Just to give you an example I am going to talk about one of our contractors who lives in Somers / Victoria.  Bob came to me in March 1999.  We had a chat about our system but prior to this Bob had looked

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at a well known lawn mowing franchise system and was prepared to spend $22,000.  After our conversation Bob decided to give us a shot.

Bob is an ex butcher and had never done lawn mowing before or ran his own business.  I can remember when we gave him his first job Bob was so worried he might do something wrong on the job that he asked me if I'd come out and give him a hand and of course I said "no".  I told him to get out there and put the mower to the grass and go for it and if he did have any problems to give me a call.  Well, Guess what, Bob had no problems and within 3 months of starting Bob was calling himself a professional.

Within 6 months he has approximately 90 customers and is already turning over $1,000 per week.   His equipment costs were approximately $3,000, his fees for his customer base was $35 a week advertising plus his fee for the customer leads, totalling $1,740.  And of course - he was making money from day one.  He hadn't purchased a debt, he had made an investment.  Could you please tell me where you can gain 90 regular customers for under $2,000?

Bob had the money to buy into a franchise whether you have money or not isn't the issue. The idea of any business venture is to start off as economical as possible and continue to do so through out the business life.  Franchising in the service industry is obviously a winner for the franchise owners.  If you would like to give me $22,000, I could come into your area build up the round, while you do whatever you do, and within 3 to 6 months I could keep all of the money that I've earned, give you the ninety or so customers and I've made a killing.

I forgot to tell you that Bob is a now a very good friend of mine, not because of the money we've saved him but because we trusted each other.  Not every body is out there to scam you.

This is only one example.  There are many more successful examples.

So please - continue on and have a good look!  And if you have any questions PICK UP THE PHONE. We are here to help!


This system has the key to success, freedom, and self employment.  We have the answers and you have our support!  Be sure to see the Network section as that is what most of you will be interested in, despite the fact we have a Great book for you as well!

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