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We do not wish to slander any company or person but instead share information that is of value to each and every one!  Most people who enter this industry will be effected by one of the following and we see fit to share with you what we know and have seen.

Buying Into A Lawnmowing Franchise

Ok buy into a franchise, spend 25 thousand.  For your money you may get 65 customers (if you're lucky), equipment and use of their well

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known name.

After 3 to 4 months of being with them, you may have accumulated another 30 customers, and that may be all your able to cope with, TURNING OVER a possible $1,000 a week.  It looks great in theory, but of course, you would be paying royalties, fees, etc.  This may be costing you 4 to 5 hundred dollars a month and what are you paying that for?  You already have 100 customers.  So already, within 6 months, your business is established, the contract you signed may put you in debt $6,000 per year for 4 to 5 years.  Now it doesn't look so good,  does it.  You are doing the hard work and someone else is reaping the profits.

Now that is a good scenario, what happens if after spending thousands of dollars on this franchise, you decide that lawn mowing isn't for you?  OUCH... no explanation needed there!  Oh and if you are looking at buying into a Franchise make sure you ask how much it costs you to get out?

IMMEDIATE INCOME?   Every day we have people come to us saying they want to purchase a round or a franchise rather then start their own as they want immediate income.  Where is the income if you are paying off a debt?  The trick is to start off with as little outlay as possible, and really start making some money from the beginning!

Purchasing Private Lawn Mowing Rounds

Please See Buying Customers

If you would like further information on buying a round please give us a call

Customer's are Free Why Buy Them?

If you were to purchase a round you would usually pay the amount per cut multiplied by 10 (which does not include machinery).  Therefore, if you were to buy a round consisting of 30 customers at a total price of $600 per cut you would pay around $6,000.  You would then have to mow the 30 lawns that you have purchase 12 times to brake - even (taking into consideration your expenses).  Therefore, you would have to work for 9 months without a cent of profit.

You then have the concern of losing customers as not everyone likes being sold.  Quite often customers do not like to be treated as an item to be sold and they don't want the new contractor.  Not to mention, you are not an expert and your cut might not be as good as the contractor before. 

Out of the $6,000 you spent, you would have paid on around $1,800 to $2,400 for customers that aren't yours.

I achieved a client base of 40 customers in 2 months (which gave me around 60 cuts per month at an average of $20 per cut).  Other work consisting of one-off jobs, included rubbish removal, gutter cleaning, long grass slashing and weeding made up a balance of my monthly turnover.  I started slowly; this gave me the chance to get fit and helped me with on the job training

There is no need to buy customers, they are out there waiting for you.  You must realise that lawn mowing is a growth industry, the customers are free don't buy them.

then 1 customer per week.  Also remember that it is highly unlikely you will keep all the customers you purchased as explained above.


Starting your own business can also be difficult.  Only because you haven't been there and done that.  That is the only reason.  We have helped over 1,0 00 companies rise from their humble beginnings.  We'll make it as easy as possible for you as well.  Not just because of our experience over the last 20 years, but the gold mine of information we've been able to collect from these 200 + individuals.  As you will see in the following pages, we have designed a system that is both simple and economical for you to use.  SO lets get down to business.  The first step is for you to purchase the manual.  


While our Network looks after it's members in every way possible we will not turn our back on someone in need.  We are here to help everyone and we will happily lend a hand to others in need, even if they aren't members.  Certain businesses and Associations feed on the fear of being alone in order to get you into their system.  Just be careful not to get sucked in.  While our membership is a mere $145 for a lifetime of support, we will not turn our back on anyone in need of help!

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