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Using a garden hose as a broom or water cleaner according to water supply authorities you can flush at least 30 litres per minute* of valuable clean fresh water down the drain.

The new Cleanmatic High Pressure Water Cleaner uses only seven litres of water per minute and, at the same time the pressure adds real cleaning muscle to the toughest tasks.

Cleanmatic, teamed with environmentally friendly detergents, delivers major savings in water, time, detergent and energy around the home or in the workplace.

Quick couple any of a smart range of accessories and connect to standard household tap and 240 volt power point and you're ready to switch on professional cleaning energy....instantly.

Cleanmatic High Pressure Water Cleaners come complete with 8 metres of high pressure hose, high pressure gun and lance with variable angle jet and a detergent kit.


VOLUME 7 l/m - 420 l/h
OPERATING PRESSURE 1500psi - 90bar
POWER 1.58kW-240V-50Hz-7A
STANDARD ACCESSORIES 8m high pressure hose
High pressure gun
Lance with variable angle jet
Detergent kit

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