The Genuine Tanaka Alloy Head (CH300) is a spool type alloy 4 way head that bolts on to the brushcutter like a blade.  The Tanaka Alloy head is used by lawn mowing contractors all over Australia.  The GENUINE Tanaka Alloy Head is available to all members of Independent Lawn Mowing Contractors of Australia at a discount price of $22.40 (Reducing Washers Available)


Monday 22 Dec 03

The Genuine Tanaka Alloy Head has the "Tanaka" mark as shown in this photograph.  Many contractors have been caught paying the Genuine price for a non genuine product.  Non Genuine Alloy Heads are sub standard and it is recommended you use the Genuine Tanaka.

It is fair to say that there are a lot of non genuine products out there that are of high quality. BUT the non genuine alloy head is not one of them.

Loading The Genuine Tanaka Alloy Head CH300


Image 1 (left) Illustrates the amount of trimmer line being used in the following photographs.  Dean (who is over 5"11) is holding the Maxi Sharp trimmer line doubled over.




Image 2. Thread both ends through a "Line Slots"

Images 3 & 4:Pull the line through

Image 5 Wrap the line around clockwise


6. Pull through "Line Slots"

Once the line wears down, just take the line back one "line slot" and your back to the image above.

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